AIR SPENCER Clear Squash A24

AIR SPENCER Clear Squash A24


Rich spicy citrus scent

The sweet and sour fruits of lime, pineapple, and orange are combined with floral and woody notes such as muguet (lily of the valley) and rose for an impactful, rich and spicy soda scent.
Above all, Air Spencer Clear Squash is recommended for those who prefer refreshing air fresheners.

  •     Product code: 059024
  •     JAN code: 4970301590240
  •     Ingredients : Perfume/Deodorant
  •     Contents : 40g
  •     Product size : W70 x H22 x D70mm
  •     Package size : W71 x H71 x D34mm
  •     Product weight: 80g
  •     Period of use: About 1 month after opening (Varies slightly depending on the season and usage conditions)

    Note: When opening the can, you may cut your hands on the cut edge, so please handle it with care. Due to the use of natural fragrances, the contents may change color, but there is no problem with quality.