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HID kit for ford taurus NO FLICKER NO HASSLE

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HID Conversion kits for your ford taurus

Buying kits online that don't work in your beautiful car? Running extra unnecessary relays into your new ford taurus? Nothing but trouble? No Support from your buyer?


Here at Autoworld@Metrotown we sell plug & play CANBUS HID kits for your ford taurus starting at $140. Which means you will not need to run a relay or canceller at all. Our system will flawlessly integrate with your car, no problems, no hassle!

What do you get for $140 ?

    2x HID bulbs (fitment will be according to your Mitsubishi)

    2x CANBUS Ballast

    6-months Warranty

    Our expert support

These kits will resolve all problems you will have when installing an HID kit in a new ford taurus.
Some of the problems you will find this kit resolves are:

    Flickering Issues - Shaking, Hyper flickers , auto shutoff

    Warning light on your console (Common Problem)

    Insufficient power to HID bulb (Causing damage to bulb and ballast.)

Hesitant about dealing with someone on Craigslist? Don't want to meet up in a dark parking lot or side alley for the transaction? No problem, WE ARE AN ACTUAL STORE LOCATED INSIDE Metropolis@Metrotown over on the food court side. We are open 7 days a week from 10am-9pm to serve you. Don't want to pay with cash? No problem! We accept Debit, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express!